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17 April 2008

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Palace of Westminster
16 April 2008

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The youth of today
14 April 2008

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Just trees
13 April 2008

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Bored Gibbon
10 April 2008

Recent Comments

mauro brando on Happy Birthday Alisha
Nice !

omid on Happy Birthday Alisha
Lovely street shot! ... Happy Birthday Alisha! :)

Jeff & Pat on Happy Birthday Alisha
Alun sounds just like his Dad . ;>))

Alun on Happy Birthday Alisha
Hope she had a great day, cool shot. That's no way to carry a camera lol

BiLL on Happy Birthday Alisha

marije on Happy Birthday Alisha
incognito !

L'Angevine on Happy Birthday Alisha
bien je la suis pour voir ce qu'elle va photograpier

Shiva on Happy Birthday Alisha
Anthony, "ein schönere Rücken kann auch entzücken" I love the hat !!!! Herzlichen Gruss an ...

B. Thomas on Happy Birthday Alisha
Great composition with everything leading the eye into the frame.

grouser on Happy Birthday Alisha
Excellent, both view and explanation :)

L'Angevine on and the Duck

Elaine Hancock on and the Duck
A fabulous portrait of this beautiful duck! Wonderful color and detail!

BiLL on and the Duck
Tantalising! Great shot.

franz on and the Duck
i wonder what the chick and the duch are/were talking about when you took their pictures! probably about the time ...

Ruthiebear on and the Duck
No idea about the sitcom, but this is a beautiful portrait. The red coloring is lovely

Shiva on and the Duck
Keine Ahnung, um was es geht, Anthony - A German thing?? In any case, a great macro of this beautiful duck. Kindest ...

grouser on and the Duck
never having watched it :)

grouser on and the Duck
I assume it would be that sexually disfunctional group Friends, but what do I know

Alun on and the Duck
Lol, you've got me. You will have tell me. Cool shot.

L'angevine on The Chick...
oh beau

Elaine Hancock on The Chick...
A great portrait with beautiful colors. He looks to be quite self assured!

Martine on The Chick...
Cette poule a un très beau plumage.

Alun on The Chick...
Stunning cock. Nice and close. Good colours

Moridi on The Chick...
Nice shot. Well done.

beach on The Chick...
Great closeup

Ruthiebear on The Chick...
Stunning close up portrait! Love the details

BiLL on The Chick...
Looks a bit cross!

B. Thomas on The Chick...
Looks like she might be an angry bird. ;-)

Shiva on The Chick...
What a magnificent creature, Anthony --- great closeup and details. Kindest regards Monika

omid on The Chick...
so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute! :) very nice portrait! L O V E L Y !

sajjad on The Chick...
What a great photo Beautiful (Google Translate)

grouser on The Chick...
More hen than chick methinks :) Excellent crisp close up

franz on The Chick...
a great 'portrait' of this handsome chick!

marije on The Chick...
Sympa ce gros plan !

Harmonia on The Chick...
A photographic subject that I love... lovely...

L'Angevine on Coypu

Martine on Coypu
Joli portrait !

Elaine Hancock on Coypu
A fabulous portrait with beautiful detail! He looks sort of like a beaver.

Shiva on Coypu
Great close up, Anthony --- it looks similar than a Muskrat .....? I never heard of a Coypu ---- I first thought of ...

Alun on Ring
Very nice close up. Love red, it pops out

Alun on Coypu
Really cool close up, nice one

Judy aka L@dybug on Coypu
Wow ... interesting creature.

omid on Coypu
very nice portrait! Amazing & lovely!

Ruthiebear on Coypu
Must be related to beavers! SUperb close up

franz on Coypu
excellent 'portrait' of this rodent busy at work !

Ruthiebear on Ring
I like this selected view

Shiva on Ring
Is this the continuation of l" ? It looks familiar ...... ein Rettungsring ? - Mein Gehirn ist noch nicht ...

Shiva on Logs
Are the "logs" building some kind of bridge across the apparently deep hole ???? You really are coming up ...

beach on Ring
Yeah, I like it to. Like the contrast between the orange and white ropes.

grouser on Ring
I will second Bill's comment, Well composed

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